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New Contributor

Unable to join a meeting with dial-in number

Hey there,


Me and my coworkers sometimes have the problem, that we can't use the dial-in numbers. It just says "number not used" (german numbers were used). Mainly happens when a meeting is scheduled over a longer time or reoccuring. And it is not like everyone has this problem at the same time or meeting. Last time we used the number already multiple times and then 1 person out of 10 could not use it anymore. I don't know what to do then because I can't always change the number. I already send 2 support tickets but even after 5 weeks there is no reply. Last week one person had to dial the number 6 times to take part! Smiley Sad 


Does anyone know how I can avoid this? Or is it already a known problem? did not find anything about this anywhere....  


Looking forward to your answer Smiley Happy

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Unable to join a meeting with dial-in number

Hi @Sheepi ,

Sorry if there have been any support delays.


There was an issue with some German dial in options recently that should be resolved by now.  Are you able to recreate the same failure with a newly scheduled GoToMeeting?  If not, are you able to edit those affected meetings by removing integrated audio, saving, and then re-adding it again?