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Josh Tingle
New Contributor

BT Keyboard + iPad + special keys = awful experience

I just posted this as a reply to another thread, but thought it needed a new home because this issue has not been "solved" as that thread says.

I've been using a combination of an iPad, bt keyboard and GoToMyPC->PC (windows) for well over three years and have been continually frustrated by the fact that GoToMyPC cannot seem to get it right.

I've had 4 different bt keyboards - 3 of which have been logitech multi-device keyboards which work flawlessly when connected directly to every device (PC, iPad, iPhone, Smart TV, Apple TV, etc).  Connected directly, all the keys work, including but not limited to:  special keys (ctrl, alt, start, del), F keys, arrow keys, key combinations (ctrl+c, ctrl+v, ctrl+x, text editor combinations, logitech specific combinations (fn+> = END, fn+< = HOME, fn+shift+> = Highlight text from position to end, etc).  

All of this tells me that the keyboards are not the problem.

However, from day one, iOS GoToMyPC (I've not used the Android version, and thought I should specify) never sends the various special keys/combinations to my PC correctly.  I am continually forced to use the virtual special keys, virtual F keys, sometimes virtual arrow keys, etc, which requires that all key combinations require the virtual keys also --- which is SUPER annoying.

I do a lot of text-based work on my PC (programming), which also means I use special keys, key combinations CONSTANTLY.  This lack of functionality significantly adds unnecessary frustration and time to anything I work on remotely.  

I've updated the app every single time an update is available, and until this last update arrows NEVER worked.  At least now they work most of the time - although with very strange behavior frequently.    

WTF?!  How could this be something you guys can't seem to fix or get right?  I know I'm not the only person using an iPad to connect to a PC....

Please help.... I'm ready to jump ship on GoToMyPC and start using one of your competitors after years of being subscribed.
LogMeIn Manager

Re: BT Keyboard + iPad + special keys = awful experience

Hi Josh,

As you are asking for added functionality for our iOS App, I have changed this topic to an Idea. 

Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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Josh Tingle
New Contributor

Re: BT Keyboard + iPad + special keys = awful experience

Adding Ctrl+c/Ctrl+v, etc when a user is using a bt keyboard is a "new feature" you guys haven't thought to add to the iOS app?!