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Changed ISP to BT and cannot now connect to GotoMyPC

Hi, we have changed our ISP from Talk talk to BT and now my GotomyPC log in won't work. It jut says HTTP Connection failed.  I am presuming its either a restriction on the BT hub - in which case where can I click to allow it to let GOTOMYPC through.  Or there is some issue with IP address as our gateway has changed.  Any ideas?  Maybe I need to reinstall? Thanks

LogMeIn Manager

Re: Changed ISP to BT and cannot now connect to GotoMyPC

Hi @AzureComp


I see that you have signed into your account successfully but, that your host PC is currently offline. It is possible that your new network has security that your previous one did not, and that is preventing the host software from conencting to our network. The first thing you could try is running our Connection Wizard on the host PC.  It will test the connections to our servers and locate the best one.



Glenn is a member of the LogMeIn Community Care Team.

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