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Connot connect

I have been trying to connect to my host computer for a couple of days now but although up until today it has said it was connected I get the Error message -

Sorry, GoToMyPC cannot be started at this time. Please try again in a few minutes.

or with Access Denied tacked on to the end.

I have logged on with another computer so I believe the problem is with this one.
I have also tried deleting the temp folders but that didn't help.

This is the log from the Temp folder
C:\Users\Gretchen\AppData\Local\Citrix\GoToMyPC\gotomypc_943.exe (process ID=676)
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - Preparing loader...
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - Trying to create/find our main temp folder.
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - Trying to create temp log folder.
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - Path creation is complete.
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - Using C:\Users\Gretchen\AppData\Local\Temp\G2_943\ as main temp path.
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - Using C:\Users\Gretchen\AppData\Local\Temp\G2_943\log5917.tmp\ as temp log path.
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - Starting loader...
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - We are running from 'C:\Users\Gretchen\AppData\Local\Citrix\GoToMyPC\gotomypc_943.exe'.
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - Extracting data for...
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - C:\Users\Gretchen\AppData\Local\Temp\G2_943\g2viewer.exe
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - Extracting data for...
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - C:\Users\Gretchen\AppData\Local\Temp\G2_943\ResourceViewer_en_us.dll
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - Extracting data for...
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - C:\Users\Gretchen\AppData\Local\Temp\G2_943\ResourceViewer_ja_jp.dll
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - Success!
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - English Resource Dll Success!
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - Japanese Resource Dll Success!
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - CommandLine to GoSetUp is 'C:\Users\Gretchen\AppData\Local\Temp\G2_943\g2viewer.exe ClientId=260435825&ConnectionInfo=707712556-20e3142d4315b04db47dbe4db8903875&DownloadServer=
[2013-08-03 04:13:12 PST] - Could not create process.
GetLastError() returned 5 for the preceeding failure!
GoTo Manager

Hi Fergus,

Can you please provide more details about the computer you are having trouble connecting from? What version of Windows is it running? Which web browser are you using? Do you have any other Hosts you can try to connect to from this computer?
Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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