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Display errors with SQL server

Hi there, 

I'm connecting to a Win10 laptop from a Win7 laptop with gotomypc. The connection works fine for running things like MS Office. However, for MS SQL server management studio 17, the script editor window and the menu bar are missing. Just blank, but there is a faint outline of them. Does anybody know what the problem is here and how I could rectify it?

thanks very much


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Re: Display errors with SQL server

Hi @SarahL ,

Sorry for the trouble there.


I would suggest a couple of things to troubleshoot this:

  1. Visit the Host computer's manufacturer's website to confirm the product ID, and update any available video drivers
  2. Try adjusting the GoToMyPC viewer settings / preferences to 'Better Quality'
  3. Adjust the Host desktop's display settings to see if there is any improvement


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Re: Display errors with SQL server

Hi AshC, thanks.

I checked the driver for the graphics card and it's the latest. I'm running with perfomance set to "better appearance". I've also tried adjusting the resolution on the PC I'm trying to connect to. 

I still have the same problem when trying to access the PC from a different location. 

However, when I'm accessing it on the same local network (i.e. just via my home router) I don't have this problem, and I can see the all the SQL server screens. 

Any other thoughts?



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Re: Display errors with SQL server

@SarahL - Could you test the connection without the Host Preference for 'Direct Connections' engaged (Connection Tab on the Host Preferences window) ?


Direct Connections

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Re: Display errors with SQL server

Hi AshC

thanks for the advice. Unfortunately it made no difference. 


I did some more investigation by opening other programs and seeing if they have the same issue. For web browsers, MS Edge is fine (whole window displays properly). However, Firefox seems to have a very similar issue to what I see with SQL server: the whole Firefox window is blank (just white) and doesn't update even after many minutes. 


With SQL server, when i start it up, only the sub-window that has the list of tables in the database shows. The other windows (query editor and query results) plus menu bar are all blank. HOwever, the query results window does get filled when I execute a query. The query editor window stays blank (white). However, I know there is text in it because I can (blindly) select the text and copy it into e.g. notepad. 


Does this help shed any light? I am totally mystified and unfortunately it makes GoToMyPC unuseable for us at the moment, because I really need access to the SQL server. 


thanks again


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Re: Display errors with SQL server

Do you have any security software running on this problem Host?


Is the image identical AT the Host location while you are remotely connected?