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Dual Monitor Display Trouble (Image Attached)

Experiencing an issue with one user where at home the monitor image has shifted to the right about 1", which causes it to display the last inch of monitor 1 on monitor 2 and subsequently cut monitor 2 off. (Sketch attached)


I have tried reinstalling gotomypc, changed host and client monitors to different models, changed resolutions, tested the host using multiple client computers, updating display driver...I'm lost.


Has anyone experienced this, and if so have you resolved it?


GoToMyPC Dual Monitors.jpg

GoTo Moderator

Re: Dual Monitor Display Trouble (Image Attached)

@RI1  It sounds like you've done a considerable amount of troubleshooting there. 


Can you elaborate on the Host Vs. Client display settings and operating systems?  Usually when the displays are using the same resolutions they should match up identically at the remote location.

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