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Re: Multiple Users getting Error trying to get to list of Computers since Scheduled Maintenance



I have just managed to log in just now via the shortcut.


I was also trying via the website but the 2-step verification codes stopped coming through an hour ago... been trying all morning.


Kind regards,



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Re: Error when viewing list of computers

Yes that's working now.


Many thanks,



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Re: Error ID -353,679,719 when trying to log in

Thank you for the updates I am back on so my boss is happy LOL 

I didn't know what to do as never had a problem before so glad I found this page 

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Sorry an Error has Occured - Error Id : -1,768,582,165


One of my customer is using GoToMy pc but when he's trying to connect on their GoToMy Pc is getting an error.

Error Description : Error Id : -1,768,582,165


What could be the cause of this issue ?
Thank you for help 



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New Contributor

Issues Connecting - Error Id: 1,880,954,276

I'm still having issues connecting with GoToMyPC. I notice the status section is showing that the issue has been rectified completely, however I'm still unable to connect. The code displayed is: Error Id: 1,880,954,276.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Issues Connecting - Error Id: 1,880,954,276

Hello everyone,

I sincerely apologize for the service disruptions today, and hope to have a better understanding of the root cause soon.


For additional information and real time service updates, please subscribe to the GoToMyPC status page here: