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GoToMyPC connection issues

Starting when our clients auto updated to version 12.1 in mid-March (16th/17th) we had widespread connection issues. When users tried to connect to their computer, the credential prompt for the 2nd GoToMyPC pw and RSA code would never appear and would eventually time out. Since this was widespread we contacted support, and they told us v12.1 clients were connecting to a different server that was having issues. So they implemented a v11.6 cap (by user account) and all of the clients automatically rolled back.

Around the March 28th maintenance, this issue began affecting some v11.6 clients as well. We have engaged in a lot of troubleshooting with our end users. We have ruled out issues with their ISP's, confirmed that they are rebooting their host PC's rather than disconnecting their sessions, and there does not seem to be a common denominator other than most of them are attempting to log in between 7:30-8:00am EST Mon-Fri.

We have asked support if they can check connection logs for these specific accounts during a time window and we've been told they do not have access. A reboot of the host PC does not always resolve the issue, so we are not sure if this is tied to the client/client service or to server issues on GoTo's side. We also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the 11.6 client version (to rule out issues with the rollback) and we have already had some of those users report back that the issues continue.

We are not prepared to allow all clients to auto update back to v12.1 until we receive some kind of communication from GoTo acknowledging and explaining the initial issues with the server and confirming they've been remediated. We are also wondering if the v12 new features are located on a different page? It seems like only the v11 web and desktop client features are listed there.

GoTo Moderator

Re: GoToMyPC connection issues

Hi @NCBTechnology 

I'm sorry about the ongoing connection difficulties there. 


We'll have an experienced Support agent follow up with you soon.  



Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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