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GoToMyPC host freezes after client disconnects



Here is what happens:


Client logs into a gotomypc host.

Host displays something like 'Switching to Windows Basic 7'

Client works on host computer for a while with no problem.

Client is done and quits the session.


The host computer is now effectively out of commission.  There is no taskbar, and the system doesn't appear to accept keyboard entry.  The host computer must be restarted to fix the problem.  However restarting causes an untidy shutdown of any open programs and a possible loss of data.


Oddly enough, I found out that I can fix this situation by remoting into the computer via splashtop.  If I then tell splashtop to blank the screen, and then tell splashtop to unblank the screen, the problem is fixed.  I can log out of the client computer.


This problem has only been happening for about 2 or 3 weeks.   It happens frequently, but not consistently.  I think it must have something to do with screen blanking or the changing back and forth of color schemes not being accomplished correctly.   Neither my Host or my Client is set to screen blanking.





GoTo Manager

Hi @CowboyAZ


I recall this used to happen back when Windows 7 first came out, it was connected to the video drivers and Windows 7 Aero themes. Updating or removing and reinstalling the latest video drivers on the Host PC will most likely correct the issue.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Hi Glenn,


Thanks for the suggestion.   


I will try as you suggest.  However, I am skeptical.


This is a new problem on various machines that have been running gotomypc for a while.    



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I have checked the video drivers and the gotomypc version.  They are both current. 


Here is the screen shot.  Should I dig deeper into the drivers, or is this what you meant.






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That's what I need. I will use this advice.

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