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Keith Jackson
Active Contributor

GoToMyPC reboots my host computer when I log in

I connect to my host computer (in the same way I've been doing it for years) and it immediately reports that the host lost its internet connection.  It's become clear that the host is rebooting as I can connect again a few minutes later, but all the programs are shut down (it's clearly been rebooted).  This is a new issue in the last few days.
Elsa Golden
New Contributor

Our Go to My PC has completely failed again. So I'm not sure what to offer you. We get as far as the black logging into screen and there we sit. Waiting to do our jobs. Just like two months ago. Of course, we tried everything but there is no real support for mac users so this time we'll see if more than one person gets fired for "not working" on remote.
peter picataggi
New Contributor

I get the same exact issue. My Host Machine reboots and then I can connect to it
Retired GoTo Contributor

This sounds like it might be an issue with one of the newer features implemented in version 9.0 of our service. Codenamed "Hourglass", it is meant to transmit the screen information from the host to the client in a much more efficient manner. Unfortunately, certain environments are not able to properly receive this information, resulting in the behavior described within this thread.

Our customer care team can toggle hourglass on and off per user or account. They can be reached by phone at 1(855) 352-9002 or by email at
Keith Jackson
Active Contributor

Thanks, Michael.  I have emailed support per your suggestion.
Keith Jackson
Active Contributor

Here it is, 18 months later, and I've still got the exact same problem.  I've been looking around for a solution, but to no avail.  Does anyone have a recommendation?

GoTo Manager

Hi @Keith Jackson,


We made a change to your account settings, are you still experiencing this issue?

Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Keith Jackson
Active Contributor

Thanks.  The issue occurs sporadically, so it may be a while before I can determine if you've solved it.  I'll reply here one way or the other, but it will probably be a couple of weeks.