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GoToMyPC - some users 'mainly new users' - unable to connect to host machine

We have some users when trying to connect to their Work GoTomyPC machine from Home or even from within our corporate network it shows: “Waiting for the host computer to connect…”, then it may Time Out with the following error: “A connection could not be established.”   IF the user Clicks Retry, it ‘may’ eventually give them the prompt to access the Access Code.


It does not appear to affect everyone, appears to be only ‘new’ users’ or possibly users that have not used the service for awhile.


I have had our network team ensure all of the IP Addreses listed on this site are added on our Firewalls:

(Even the Amazon and Cloudfare IP Addresses listed too on the very bottom of the page links)


When we keep on doing Live tests from a machine trying to connect, our network team keeps on seeing IP Addresses dropped that are not even included on website above for the Firewall  Config ie:



Steps I have tried from a workstation perspective:
1. Uninstalling/Reinstalling the software and confirming it shows a ‘ready’ status (Connection Tab for Test Connection also shows: Successful)
2. Lowered User Account Control prompt
3. Disabled UAC in the registry – was already set 
4. Ran vendor ConnectionWizard, states it made changes for the best connection but continued to fail
5. Disabling McAfee and other secuirty related software
6. Re-image did not resolve it
7. Contacted our Security Administration deparment and confirmed user’s GoToMyPC account is Active
8. Confirmed user’s Host Machine had more than 10MB for Download through – had 48MB
9. Installed the Older version of GoToMyPC v8.0 from packages share - got stuck on ‘communicating with server…’ during the install (latest GoToMyPC version I have on my personal work Desktop is v9.6)
10. Installed the latest version of GoToMyPC from the website again (latest version is 10.0), saved it locally, then ran it ‘as administrator’ – same issue

This issue has been ongoing now for a couple of weeks or more.    Really looking for ideas and support by the Vendor, opened a case: Case: 08351065, waiting to hear back.     Need to understand why our Network Team sees dropped IP Addresses that are not listed on their FW Config website?


Thank you for reading and your time to respond!

GoTo Moderator

Re: GoToMyPC - some users 'mainly new users' - unable to connect to host machine

Hi Jeremy,

It looks like you have a case started with our support group already, but let us know if there are still unresolved issues once complete.  These experiences typically mean there are some unknown / unrecognized IPs or urls by a firewall somewhere.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: GoToMyPC - some users 'mainly new users' - unable to connect to host machine

Did you get a helpful response from tech support on this issue. We’ve experienced the same issue for years with new and old users. I find the same ip addresses are required to make a quicker connection but those are not included in any of the gotomypc documentation.