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GotoMyPC Corporate group policy to disable screen blanking and locking keyboard/mouse not working.




I have a group set up in GotoMyPC Corporate.  I have the host features of "Screen Blanking" and "Keyboard/Mouse Locking" unchecked as to disable the ability of a user to blank out the screen and lock the keyboard/mouse during a session.   When I look at the summary of the enabled and disabled features I see this:


Enabled Features: Sound, Desktop Shortcuts , Lock host computer upon connection and disconnection, Direct Connections, Automatic Updates

Disabled Features: Remote Printing, File Transfer, Guests, Chat, Screen Blanking, Keyboard/Mouse Locking, Access Activity Log, Shared Clipboard


Even with this policy set, when a user from this group logs into their computer, they still have the ability to go into preferences and put a check mark into the "Preferences->Security->Blank out screen while connected" option; along with the "Lock host keyboard and mouse" option.


The disable "Shared Clipboard" option works.  When the group's user checks the preferences, the "Copy/paste between computers" option is not visible.


Why are the "Blank out screen while connected" and "Lock host keyboard and mouse" options visible to the user when I have them disabled in the group policy?


GoTo Moderator

Hi Dale,

Based on what you've described, that should be working as intended.  If you see the same behavior for all user groups, are you able to contact Customer Support in order to check the account settings as well?

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

We are experiencing this with all our groups.  I will contact Customer Support.


Thank you for your response.