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New Contributor

Gotomypc freezes after i close the lid


I have just installed Win10 Home Edition on my laptop and faced the problem that I never had - as soon as I close the lid of the laptop, the host computer becomes unresponsive. I have changed all power settings to keep the computer on even when it's closed.


I have been using gotomypc for years and never had this issue - when laptop lid was closed, i could connect remotely and do my job, however now as I see the only solution is to keep lid opened at all times. I found similar topic but couldn't really find the solution -


Maybe theres a solution now?


Please help


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Gotomypc freezes after i close the lid

Hi Michael, if this is the same PC you previously used GoToMyPC with then it should be possible to keep the power on when you close the laptop lid.  Specifically which model / manufacturer did you upgrade to Wind10 on?