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Gotomypc has encountered a problem error message.



I seem to be stuck in an error loop that I can't get out of!  Here's the problem and what I've tried


I have been connecting to my host computer (desk top) with my laptop for the last year with no issues.  In the last few days, my shortcut has stopped working with a 'GotomyPC has encountered  a problem with the shortcut  to xxx PC' message.

Ive then tried connecting through the website, but it says 'Another instance of the viewer is already running'

I then tried restarting my laptop and just connecting through the website, but it still says 'in session' for my host computer & won't connect

When I was in the office yesterday, I uninstalled & reinstalled gotomypc and  it connected ok when I was next to the host computed, but now I'm remote again, it won't work.  


I have Eset antivirus installed on both computers and have done for the last year


Help - I go on holiday in two days and need it working!  

GoTo Moderator

Hi @mattymoo1 ,

What can typically happen is a new GoToMyPC version may trigger a different security response.  If you have already tested the connection with Eset disabled / uninstalled, I would then call into Customer Care to see what may have changed in each environment. 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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