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Gotomypc session freezes when users get Teams calls

Multiple users at my company have reported for some time that their Gotomypc sessions lock up when they get a Teams message or an incoming Teams call.  They have to kill their Gotomypc connection and log back in, at which point things perform normally for a while, but often freeze up again after a Teams notification.  Several of them have tried turning their sound preferences down to 'use low quality sound when my session starts', but it doesn't make much difference. They don't want to turn their sound off entirely because more than a few of them need to listen to Bloomberg Radio or streaming content from their host computers. How do we get their Gotomypc sessions to stop locking?


Users are running Gotomypc version 11.2.3001

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Re: Gotomypc session freezes when users get Teams calls

@J.1  Could you please confirm the GoToMyPC software version on the Host PCs?   They should be up to V11.4 currently:


Once this is confirmed, are the affected users able to check with the PC's manufacturer website for any audio driver updates there?