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New Contributor

HELP Can't log in via my home laptop but my phone

Home Laptop: MacOS ver. 10.13.6 (WiFi)

Phone: iPhone 6 (mobile data)


I can access Go To My PC by my phone (using mobile data), although it usually takes a lot of time.

When using my laptop (using WiFi) to log in, there is always an error message:

- Unable to establish a connection

Sometimes when I am too frustrated to close the error message and let it load, it asked for my access code and log in successfully. But it doesn't always happen!


Please advise as I really need to use it for my job. Thanks!





LogMeIn Contributor

Re: HELP Can't log in via my home laptop but my phone

@kayee423 I apologize for the connection delays.


When you switch your iPhone to the local WiFi, does the connection also fail on this LAN? 


Since the problem began, have you rebooted the problem Mac completely in order to make sure all background applications are shut down?