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Host Hard Lockout

I have a employee working from home, she said she remembered her passwords and was good to go.  Come to this morning and she locked her access entering the wrong access codes a few times.  I tell her to wait until I can get in to change her access code.  I get in and I can't change it, with everything in the taskbar icon greyed out, saying Account Locked, contact your administrator.  I go into the company manager account, and look at the logs, I see she soft locked the host pc, then finally I see Host Hard Lock.  Now no one can get into this machine, I tried reinstalling, logging in with another user.  I even selected the PC in the manage PC section and hit unlock, and it says 0 pcs unlocked, this PC is not locked.  I have no way to unlock it, I see know way to fix it in the company manager screen, and they're is no help whatsoever in the online cooperate user manual or the online help. 

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Host Hard Lockout

Hi @dhansen

It sounds like you have covered the basics there, and would be happy to have someone follow up with you if you still cannot reach Customer Support today: