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Host Unavailable

My host shows as "Unavailable" after a power outage a few days ago. The machine is up and running, functioning properly, and connected to the Internet. I have been able to verify this.  It has been rebooted a couple of times, but it's still listed as unavailable. Since I now don't have remote access to the machine, I cannot log in to do any more troubleshooting. So . . . two questions.

(1) Is there are reliable way to wake up the GoToMyPC server on that machine? If so, what is it?

(2) Is there something like a scheduled task I can run on the machine so that it can fix problems like this by itself?

GoTo Moderator

Re: Host Unavailable

Hi @Phil11 

The GoToMyPC Wake-On-LAN is something you can set up if your client is on the same network as the host PC: 


In your case though, it sounds like there is an issue at the host itself.  You may need to re-install the endpoint software if this is the case.  If you can gain access to the host and need some help troubleshooting after a re-install, feel free to call into Customer Support for assistance. 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: Host Unavailable

Thank you. Wake-on-LAN is probably not relevant in this case. The machine has restarted itself several times and remains connected to the internet. It appears that the endpoint software has barfed for some reason. Reinstalling it is always a theoretical option, though I'd have to be in the same physical location as the machine. In this case, it will have been about a month before I will be able to get to it.


I'm going to look into an automated way to determine the health of the endpoint and restart it if the service appears to not be running. I know that isn't necessarily a complete solution, but it might address a lot of typical situations. Has anyone already done this?