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New Contributor

Host iMac freezes during session

The GoToMyPC software is version 9.6 (2220) running on an iMac OSX 10.10.5.


The host iMac freezes after about 6 or 7 hours of session.  Sleep mode on the host is turned off and can only be done manually. GoToMyPC shows the host as available but the connection is refused. I called your help desk and they see my host as unavailable.


 When I physically access the host I find that the software is corrupted on the host and has to be uninstalled and reinstalled for remote access to work. This has happened repeatedly. Your help desk indicated that there is a newer build for Mac so I am curious as to why I was given this older build to install when the subscription was purchased and why I can't access an updated build anywhere on the site. I need this to work with a better degree of consistency. 


Your help desk also indicated that they would need access to the host iMac. That is absolutely not possible. I cannot authorize third party access to my employer's network.


Would like some help.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Host iMac freezes during session

@alfred1001  I apologize for your recent GoToMyPC experiences.


If you would like to private message me though this community with your email address used to login with, and the Host nickname if there are multiple, then we can try upgrading your Host to a newer build for testing purposes.