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How to Dual Screen With Mac

Does anyone know how to use dual screens when using a Mac to access a PC?


I'm using my MacBook at home to access my PC at work. Both setups have dual monitors working fine. Remotely accessing my PC with another PC, the dual monitor setup worked fine. Using my MacBook to access it though, I can only see one of my work monitors at a time. I can't get each of my home monitors to display one of my work monitors. 


Does anyone have a solution?



GoTo Moderator

Hi ,

I'm afraid you cannot currently view multiple monitors from a Mac client the same way you can from a PC.  There is a switching function or a scrolling function that allows you to go between multiple host displays, you would have to manually enlarge the viewer across additional displays by dragging it to fit.

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I think I just solved this. On your Mac go to System Preferences>Mission Control and uncheck "Displays have separate spaces" and Restart. Now when you launch GoToMyPc make sure it it's on "show primary monitor and scroll." Stretch the window across both monitors and you should see both of your host monitors. I had to play around a bit to get the "seams" to line up, but it works.

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Responding to AshC:


Ya. That's what I've been doing. I'm starting to use the file transferring function and using my Mac client screen for some functions, and having gotomypc on my other home monitor, which works alright.


Thanks for confirming what I thought

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Responding to GLBend63035


Hmmm. I followed your instructions but I cant get the gotomypc window to show both my work monitors, nor can I stretch the gotomypc window between my home monitors. I dont know why its working for you and not me. Any other suggestions or maybe additional steps you took?

The other responder seems is pretty involved in this software and said it can't be done

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It definitely works, but I noticed that every time I relaunch GoToMyPC I have to select "Fit to Screen" on the upper left. Then I can expand the window across both of my Mac monitors. As I mentioned, I have to play around with a bit to get the "seams" right. But I am running a two screen PC host to a two screen Mac client.