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MacBook Pro 16in LMI Laggy

Hi, I just got a new Macbook Pro and when using LMI at home to connect to my work PC, there seems to be a noticable lag compared to my old PC laptop. My 10 year old PC laptop LMI lag is manageable and appears to be much smoother than using my brand new Macbook Pro 16in. Is this common for Macbook Pro laptops? Do PC laptops generally work better with LMI than Macs?


I've ordered a new router incase that was the problem but it still doesn't make sense why my old PC laptop out performs my new Macboo pro in terms of smoothness and connection when logged into LMI. Anyone have this problem? Please advise as if this is common for Macbooks. If so, I may consider returning and getting a PC laptop...


Thanks in advance.

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