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New Contributor

Multiple monitor usage help needed (multi for BOTH host and client)

For starters, is there seriously still no way to use a Mac at home and access multiple monitors at the same time?  Meaning, the client computer can use two monitors at home to essentially mirror the experience of being on the host computer at the office, which is running two monitors on a PC.  Even just stretching the window across both monitors would work, but that doesn't seem to be possible.


Secondly, people have been unable to do this at home on PCs either.  It's my understanding that they should be able to shift-click the maximize button on the this correct?


Any help is greatly appreciated.  Currently I am forced to run gotomypc on one monitor, and then use a cloud drive to open documents i need on the other monitor for reference.  Scrolling or switching the screens on the gotomypc window is impractical in most situations.