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New Contributor

My host PC is possessed!

Running a networked PC with MW Windows 7 pro with to remote in.  I remote in with a Mac using Chrome with Mac's High Sierra.  Cable internet connection, hard wired.  The Mac used to access is using a cable internet wireless that has reasonable speeds, most of the time I'm working remotely I am able to work at near live speeds, as if sitting in front of my computer.


Talking to Costa Rica is getting me nowhere so I'd thought I'd ask here.  What happens is on the host I'm remoted into I'll be working in my dental software program or Quickbooks desktop and it will suddenly open MW powerpoint or outlook when pressing a number key.  Sometimes its any keystroke will open the run menu or other Windows utilities.  It's not consistent what opens or with what software I'm working with on the host.


I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, not fixing the problem.  Currently the only solution is to restart my computer which occasionally makes it so I can't remote back in again as gotomypc doesn't start up properly I guess.  I lose days of work then, unacceptable.  "Support" has told me it's a known problem but there seems to be no solution, pretty bad for something they've raised the price on over 400% just recently.


Anyone have a solution to the problem?  Should I switch to Log me In?

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: My host PC is possessed!

@jonesdds1  Sorry about the recurring issues there.


We can check on the status of any known issues for you.  Did you receive a Case Number from Support when you contacted them recently?