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New Features - File Management, Shortcut on Unregistered Computer

I recently had to give up LogMeIn because my enterprise started using it for PC management. Two features would be useful for GoToMyPC. First, they had a stand-alone file management system that didn't require a full log-in to a host. This separate function (a) had a copy or replace option, (b) had a side-by-side host-client file display, and (c) was available on PC or mobile device. Second, the software used to access a remote computer (as opposed to going through a web browser) could be downloaded even on a computer that wasn't "registered", so if my home and office PCs were "registered" (i.e., I could access files on them), I could get to those PCs through my laptop (which was not "registered). These improvements would make GoToMyPC more user-friendly.