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Screen Blacks Out While on The Internet

While using MYPC I often need to use the internet on the host computer.

I use both Safari and Firefox browsers. Usually while using Dropbox the screen fills in with Black Squares a few at a time until it is all the way blacked out. I have to have the host computer restarted in order to re-connect. It used to happen maybe once every few weeks now it does it sometimes twice a day. The MYPC support are clueless about the issue. Any Help?

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GoTo Moderator

@mark30  Sorry, that does sound frustrating.


Could you specify what operating system is in use on the Host computer?

Are there any security applications or plugins that might blank the screen when you use the internet there?


Does the same behavior preent itself if you log into that Host under a different user account?

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New Contributor

Operating system is IMAC OSX 10.9.5 it does not happen to any other users that I am aware of.