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New Contributor

Security Time-Out - Restrict users from changing

Is there a way to restrict the users from changing the security time out session.   While we are in a pandemic, business owners are allowing their work forces to work remotely.  Savoy staff members are changing the security time-out session on the GoToMyPC agent on their work PC and walking away from their computer while still logged in remotely.   Business owners are generating activity reports to verify and certify their remote workforce are remotely connected and actually working their normal office work hours to match their employee weekly time sheet hours.


An employer discovered that an employee was posting on social media that they were out shopping during work hours, the  employer asked to generate an activity report on that employee.  The report showed that the  employee's computer was connected for 24 hours straight.  After reviewing the employee's work PC, it was apparent that the user changed the time out settings.  After a review of the other GoToMyPC remote workforce users computers, it was apparent that all users have changed their time-out sessions.

This gives the employer false confidence that the remote workforce is actually performing their work duties.


Are their any work arounds or a way to restrict the users from changing these settings?


LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Security Time-Out - Restrict users from changing

There are two ways to tune this setting :

1. Change it for whole account (by editing company group settings) or sub-groups (by editing group level settings). Navigate to "Manage groups"-> Click on group name->Click on "Features" -> Update the "Maximum minutes of inactivity" value as per your need. And also uncheck "Allow user to reduce maximum " so that end user can't make any change to it.


2. Change it only for few users. Follow the same steps as mentioned in #1 , by clicking on user name (after clicking on "Manager users")