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Severe Lagging Issues

Users are reporting that when connecting to GoTo they are having major lagging issues.  

One user I worked with on this said he will open Slack for example and clicking a user will take 10 seconds before they are able to type in the message box.  They need to click into the message box as the cursor does not appear to move.  Typing will lag.  This employee came into the office and had no issues when they went home and were remote again the issues persisted.

This user has both a Windows 10 and 11 PC and it is the same issue on each PC.


Strangely, he says it seems to only respond to his typing when he moves the mouse.


His host PCs are on the newest version 12.  His home is a Mac.

GoTo Manager

Re: Severe Lagging Issues

Hi @crmm 

Has the affected user tried connecting from a different client network? 


If so, have you considered using the GoToMyPC Connection Wizard on the Host PCs showing severe delays? 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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Re: Severe Lagging Issues

I put the Win11 PC under my login.  I logged in from our domain on a Windows PC and issues persist.


One thing we've noticed is there are dozens of events written to event log each minute

Event ID 3 NVWMI  NVWMI - Base Profile [c:/program files (x86)/gotomypc/g2host.exe] was launched and [Base Profile] profile was applied


This user has three monitors.  If I remove all but one, it works as expected.  When all three are plugged in we have issues.


To explain the lagging... if I am sitting at the PC and watch the remote user, I can see them typing words.  When you are remote, you type words and its as if nothing is typing.  If you click your mouse onto the screen, you see the typed words.  There is a lag in the display of GoTo it seems.

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Re: Severe Lagging Issues

After more discovery, the issue is that this user has two monitors in Portrait and one in Landscape.  If any of his monitors are in Portrait the issue happens.  If he changes to Landscape, it behaves as normally.