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New Contributor

Shift, Backspace and Delete do not work from Android in Remote Desktop session

I am using the Android GotoMyPC client to access remote PC.

On the remote PC (call it A), I run a Remote Desktop session to access a different internal Windows server (call it B).

Shift, backspace and delete keys are not recognized in the Remote Desktop session (B).

However, they work fine on the remote PC session (A).

This all works fine if I use the Windows GotoMyPC client to access A, then Remote Desktop to B.

It is the Android GotoMyPC client that seems to have troubles.

GoTo Moderator

@gah1 From your Android GoToMyPC mobile app, if you pull up the on-screen-keyboard for the host are you seeing these key inputs received?


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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