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Mia Tran
New Contributor

Shift key does not work. Glitches? Possible workarounds?

My host is a mac and my client is a mac laptop. Several shift + command key shortcuts do not work for me in InDesign. Most of the work I do I have to painfully do through the drop down menu which slows me down a great deal. Typing into a highlighted text area when saving as does not work. Zoom via mac trackpad does not work. Scrolling issues. Force quit actually quits apps on the client side. The shift key issue is the most troublesome as I use it to scale things proportionally and to line things up straight. Suggestions, workarounds? Any idea how I can improve this experience? I have the same issues as my coworkers who are also mac to mac. Also, I read a similar posted issue that was dated 7 months ago. 
GoTo Moderator

Hi Mia,
Sorry for the trouble there.
Do you know if the affected application, InDesign, is in full screen mode while you are operating it?  Have you tried in various viewing mode options with this app?

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Mia Tran
New Contributor

Hi Ash,
I was running in full screen mode. I will try it in different modes. Which issue is this for? What about the shift key combination issues?
Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi Mia, are hotkeys/key-combinations working in other programs, or is only InDesign having these issues? Are you able to use more common combinations, like copy/paste?
New Contributor

We are experiencing keyboard command issues for users in InDesign CC2019 (InDesign only, keyboard shortcuts work in other programs and other Adobe products, like Illustrator). Users cannot use the following very common keyboard commands:

  • shift + return = line break
  • shift + click/drag = proportionally resize items
  • alt + click/drag = copy object

Users with issues have the following running on their machines: High Sierra and Sierra.

I am running Catalina and do not have these issues, except for the shift + return. I am able to click and drag to resize proportionally or copy, but we have quite a few reports of this and it does hamper productivity quite a bit. Are there any solutions available?


One other odd thing: We have one user who was able to get shift + return to work, but only on new documents, not existing documents.