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J. Davis
New Contributor

Sound card muting

Hi there. We operate radio stations and have used gotomypc for remote control of our on-air systems for a couple of years. However, after the most recent update, upon connecting, gotomypc mutes a channel on the sound card of the host (on-air) computer. A big issue in that every other element is silent. We have disabled sound in gotomypc preferences but the problem remains. We use Mixart 8 sound cards, and gotomypc does not seem to play nicely with them. Any ideas?
GoTo Manager


You can fix this by opening the GoToMyPC Preferences on your Host PC (right click MYPC icon), and on the Sound Tab:

- Select Disable Sound


- Disable Mute Speakers while in session.
Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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