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New Contributor

Trying to upgrade but version stays at 7.2

I right-click on the icon and am told there is an upgrade available. I go through the upgrade process but the link to register the computer at the end does nothing. The reminder to upgrade keeps reappearing. My version remains at 7.2, even though the website says 8.0 should be available.

Any thoughts?
GoTo Manager

Re: Trying to upgrade but version stays at 7.2

Hi Stacy,

Some of our older versions of GoToMyPC have trouble updating to our latest releases. Please uninstall the GoToMyPC from your Host PC using Add/Remove Programs then:

- Log into your account on the website
- On the My Computers page click Options next to the Host nickname
- Select Remove
- You should then see Install GoToMyPC or Set Up this Computer
- Go through the normal install procedure (you can reuse the nickname and access Code you had before).
Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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