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Unable to print landscape from excel on a remote windows host while connected from macbook


    I am working from home on a macbook running catalina.  I log in to my remote work pc (windows 10) via gotomypc.  The local excel version (on the windows host I'm remoting into) of Excel (Office 365) is 2001.  The version of gotomypc on the windows host (I'm on a Macbook remoting in to the Windows host in the office) is 10.2.


   I am unable to print landscape to my printer that is connected wirelessly to my macbook.  On my work windows pc, I am editing an excel document and try to print landscape.  I select landscape orientation.  Then the gotomypc printer opens a mac dialogue box, but landscape is not an option (and the picture only shows portrait).  Changing the presets doesn't do anything.  I'm not that familiar with the macbook/catalina but didn't find a gotmypc printer custompreset.  If am on just on the macbook and open excel and print, it does print landscape for me, so it appears to be something with the gotomypc/macbook interaction.  If I'm local on the remote windows pc (i.e. in the office), it prints landscape fine to the office printers.  Thanks...