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Wake-onLan issue

Does the Wake-On-LAN server service need to be on physical server or did that change? I know the Wake-On-LAN server need to be on same subnet. Also does it have to be installed on a server (Windows Server 2012 R2, etc) or can be installed on client OS (Windows 10).

Working before and Wake-On-LAN server service on 2 servers (Windows Server 2012 R2) that are VM's.

Recently, December 24, a user was trying to use the feature to wake a computer that accidently was turned off, but "wake" feature didn't work. I used another program to send "magic packet" to wake up Windows 10 computer to test Wake-On-LAN works on computer.

I had access to another computer (Window 7) with GoToMyPC installed and shut it down and tried the GoToMyPC "wake" feature. It didn't work. I used another program to send "magic packet" to wake up computer to check if wake-on-lan works on computer and that works.

To test GoToMyPC Wake-OnLAN service on virtual vs physical , I tried installing g2pWOLSetup.exe version 10.0.1225 on one of my physical test Windows 10 computers but get error "an internal error occured" after entering in my GoToMyPC administrator credentials. (I don't have any physical servers. They're all VM's in ESXi hosts.)



link in web page "Can I get more information about Wake-on-LAN?" has a link to which redirects to

Can I get more information about Wake-on-LAN?


I normally work remotely using GoToMyPC but currently back at the office in past 2 months.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: Wake-onLan issue

Hi there,

To answer your primary concern, GoToMyPC must be registered to a PC with a display attached to finalize the registration process.