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GoTo Manager

Welcome to the GoToMyPC Community!

Welcome to our GoToMyPC Community! This is a place for GoToMyPC customers to collaborate on answers, solutions, and ideas and help us make our product even better.

For everyone to get the most out of this community, we do have a few guidelines we ask you to follow:

Register using the Email address associated with your account. - Only Citrix employees will be able to see it, and it will enable us to provide you more timely support when required.

Be respectful of others. - Share your knowledge, opinions and constructive criticism and allow others to share theirs. This is not the place for personal attacks, inappropriate language or conduct.

Share you knowledge. - If you have a Best Practice or tip for getting the most out of our products, share it with the community and us. The more know about how you use our products, the better we can improve them for you.

No selling! - Please don't use the community as a place to sell, no one likes SPAM. SPAM posts will be removed and the poster banned from the community.

Don't be a troll. - Everyone gets frustrated sometimes and we know we're not perfect, but inflammatory posts are not acceptable.

We all have a lot to benefit from this community and we are looking forward to growing it together with you.
Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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