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New Contributor

help users???

multiple users??ok I thought I could do this with this software. I went out and bought 2 computers to have nothing on them but access from six employees not all at the same time but when they needed one at a time to access one of these 2 computers.  
so far with much struggle I have been able to some how on a personal acct??? install one of the two computers it shows only when I log in from it but when I log in from the first user account it logs in then repeats same thing to install the app which I have done does not see the computer that's in there to be accessed or anything else. I have signed up for what I thought was 2 pcs and up to 50 people could access info so far several hours one pc and no one else can access it
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: help users???

Hi Dean,
Sorry for the struggles.

It may mean that there is already a Host registration on that PC.  I would go back and remove GoToMyPC on the affected Host if it's already installed.  Once complete, log back into your active account, and re-install in order to register that PC to your own email and password.