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"Service Currently Unavailable" for 9/10 of my users

My users are en masse reporting that they either get told 'we're sorry, the service is currently unavailable' when they go to the GoToMyPc login page, or else their login attempts are otherwise broken.


User 1: 

I can't log into the gotomypc website

In fact, I can't even get to the gotomypc website. It won't open.
User 2: 
I still can’t get through. I get as far as entering the authentication code, then it errors out.
User 3:
Same here. Tells me code isn’t correct
User 4:
I tested it out just now. What I saw the first time I clicked on the login screen was 'sorry, the page you want isn't available', and then it went straight to 'testing to make sure you're not a robot' before dumping me to the login page after all.

We're still having LOTS of trouble here. What happened to Gotomypc today?

Active Contributor

Re: "Service Currently Unavailable" for 9/10 of my users

Same here. Got to love the website saying everything is operational too.

GoTo Manager

Re: "Service Currently Unavailable" for 9/10 of my users


Sorry for the connection difficulties. 

If this problem persists, are you able to confirm your physical location and ISP there? 

Ash is a member of the LastPass Community Care Team.

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