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slow Windows host but only on one client

I'm experiencing extremely slow host response on the Windows computer in my office, but only from one of the client devices that I use to connect to it.


I have a new Windows computer in my office running Windows 10. At home, I have a new iMac (27", Retina display) running Mojave, a MacBook Pro (2012, also Retina display, running High Sierra), and an iPad (running iOS 13.4.1). When I connect to the host PC from the MacBook Pro or iPad, host response is fine. When I connect from the iMac, host response is extremely slow. The most obvious example is that, when I type, the letters appear in the GTMPC viewer several seconds after I press the key. The same does not occur with the MBP or the iPad.


All of the client devices are on the same wifi network. I have gigabit fiber internet service, which is delivering near gigabit speeds at the router. I have done speed tests on all of the client devices. The reported iMac speeds are better than either the MBP or iMac.


I have worked with my wifi hardware vendor to check that the wifi network is not the issue. They have looked through logs and performed tests and can't find anything that would suggest that the issue is on my end of the network.


I have adjusted the settings in GTMPC on the host computer to maximize performance. It made no difference.


Based on searching these forums, I have disabled direct connections to GTMPC on the host computer. It made no difference.


I have restarted the host computer multiple times. It made no difference.


If anyone has any additional suggestions, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!



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Re: slow Windows host but only on one client

I've been having this exact same problem. 2011 MacBook Pro is super speedy...shiny new iMac is soooo sloooow. Been driving me nuts and can't find any info.

LogMeIn Contributor

Re: slow Windows host but only on one client

@elane  @WFHJS   Sorry about that behavior, it should be identical to your Windows connection.


Can you please confirm the GoToMyPC software build installed upon the Host PC?