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system cannot blank screen!

I think this a crazy scenario and unacceptable that we have new PC’s with the latest graphics cards and display adaptors and  GO to MY PC cannot handle this and cannot blank the screen

We have latest graphics cards to drive CAD and we have tried Team viewer, and this blanks the screen out without any issues !

Please could you give me what options we have other than placing a piece of card on the screen? 😢

We have strict security on P,Cs and with more people working from home this is an issue we have to sort very quickly as more PCS are going to be upgraded

Disgruntled customer !


GoTo Moderator

Re: system cannot blank screen!

Hi @busta33

You should be able to blank the host screen when you connect your client via GoToMyPC. 


Can you please tell us which PC model number the Host is installed upon, as well as the G2P software version installed? 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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New Contributor

Re: system cannot blank screen!

Hi Ash, 


We are using  Mini DPs, the adaptor is NVIDIA T1000, 


Have been told by support these are not supported and sent below info. and basically told nothing can be done!


Terrible service, as i said surely this must happen a lot?


Supported display adapters (Windows only)

GoToMyPC uses a specific system driver to blank out monitors. In order for us to properly blank your screen(s), the driver will need to be able to read your computer's display configuration. There are unsupported display adapters that may successfully blank out your host screen but may not behave as expected with supported adapters. These include docking stations, KVM switches, USB display adapter, and connectors.

Note: GoToMyPC supports the following display adapters:

  • DVI
  • VGA
  • HDMI




Note: There is a known compatibility issue with Intel HD Graphics cards and the display port adapter. If you are using this model, we recommend that you use a different display adapter port on your computer's video card.



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Re: system cannot blank screen!


this version of G2P 

and a 




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Re: system cannot blank screen!

I think The issue here seems to be that Windows thinks you have a new monitor that does not exist. The most common solution that seems to have worked for many people (did not actually work for me, but worth a try): Wait long enough so the mouse cursor to appear when you move the mouse. (blank screen with a white mouse cursor) Then press the Ctrl and enter your login password. Wait until login competed then press Win+P keys, down arrow keys twice, and enter to extend display. (this spans your monitors onto one display) The solution that worked for me was to unplug all monitors, reboot (hard reset, holding down power button), then plug in just one monitor. (may need to reboot again)