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New Contributor

the link to verify my email doesnt work

I can't verify my email address.

I have tried numerous attempts and have used different emails addresses and different web access programmes (chrome IE, Edge) and I get a similar error each time. On edge it states: "HTTP 404 error That’s odd... Microsoft Edge can’t find this page"

I'm using a windows pc - windows 10

I have emailed support but have had no reply. Very frustrating. Please help
Retired GoTo Contributor

Hi Markus, is your verification URL using .com or something different? A similar error was reported with and changing it to .com seems to have worked. I am trying to verify if there is a widespread issue with addresses.

New Contributor

Hello, Im having the same trouble. Ask to verfiy but there is no link to verify. The email says its ok to logon but when I try to add this PC it says needs verifying still?!
GoTo Moderator

Hi Glenn,
I have now verified your email address in our systems.

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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