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tracing gotomypc purchase from debit card number



My computer has been showing signs of being hacked such as audio being disabled when am watching netflix.

I believe the hacker is using gotomypc because someone purchased a memebership using my revolut account(disposable debit cards). Would it be possible to trace the transaction from the debit card number and close down the account?


The card ends in 8596

Abhishek Yadav
GoTo Contributor

I would suggest you to uninstall GoToMyPC if you find that is installed on your computer (not by you). Without someone having access to your PC, it's not possible to install GoToMyPC. Also, it's not possible to find transactions just based on last four digits of card cause there will multiple transactions with the same last digits, added with email/name we will be able to pull out the account details. Also, the request needs to be validated with customer care team for identification, before closing an account.

GoTo Moderator

@stevo1  We can certainly help you trace the purchase back to the fraudulent party if you can call Customer Support directly to confirm your identity and billing info. 

Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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