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New Contributor

using pro need multiple permanent users

i need 6 to 15 people to access the host not be invited and accepted each time but they they are accepted, one at a time as they need it access a host for 10 min or an hour at a time.
they need to log in see if one of 2 host is occupied then use other one no one is there to wait on them to send invites ect.... i have finally been able to install a host and access it with a invited guest but as listed user the same tablet can not access with out said invite.
if this is not possible i cant use this software
LogMeIn Contributor

Re: using pro need multiple permanent users

Hi Dean,
Remote Client access to GoToMyPC Host computers must be done one at a time, and requires the account Email, Password, and Access Code.  While you may have multiple Hosts listed with their own nickname on a single account, anyone wanting to access each host would need to know the unique Access Codes you created for each one.

GoToMyPC offers a 'Guest Invite' in which you can work with someone else on the same computer, only when there is an accepted user physically at the Host location.  The Guest Invite is not for when you are already connected from a remote location.