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Mic dropping out

Last week, during our five-day training,  even while talking, people's mics would drop out. They wouldn't be able to turn them back on. They had to log out and log back in. This happened at different times to all 15 participants. No explanation. When I called it to get some help, they said they could only help if they could remote access people's computers. But no one has time for that. They are trying to attend a training they spent thousands of dollars to participate in. It's embarrassing to our company. We are losing clients because there are so many frustrating problems with the gototraining platform. 

GoTo Manager

Re: Mic dropping out

Hi @LydiaML,


Sorry for the frustration, it can be tricky to troubleshoot something like this after they have happened. If something like this happens in a future session please use the built-in Report an Issue option in GoTo Training, it will capture system details while the issue is happening and then if you contact Support we should be able to retrieve that info and look for clues.


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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