Additional Certificate Customization Options

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Additional Certificate Customization Options

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Additional Certificate Customization Options

Within GTW, the customer would like to personalize the certificate and choose which fields are required, without having to be mandatory.

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To be able to further customize the certificate, as the customer informs that he would like to change some phrases and the appearance of the certificate, but he cannot


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I am hosting a Webinar Series, and  will using the Certificate template from the platform to distribute certificates to my attendees. However the features are limited, most of the attendees will be using the certificates to show that they are earning   CPE - continuing professional education or CPD - Continuing Professional Development.


 Indicating the credits earned by attending our webinar is important to our attendees, however the only editing power I have is adding our branding. As such I would like consideration be given to allow me to include the Credits that our attendees would receive by attending webinar

Chris Droessler
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Agreed. The certificates are useless to us without the number of hours.

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Editing and personalization of webinar certificates.

Hello, we have customers here in Brazil who use the Webinar and issue the certificates that are standard in the solution, but need to be more personalized with the company's visual identity and more data to be sent to participants. The standard model does not meet them.
Can we improve this item in the solution?
Perhaps it integrates with other solutions via API.