'Cancel this Registration' to be listed as optional

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'Cancel this Registration' to be listed as optional

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'Cancel this Registration' to be listed as optional

We recently discovered the 'cancel this registration' appearing on our reminders e-mail notifications as well as the confirmation of registration screen.  We would like to see it made optional for those organizations that need it, our company does not want it and therefore have to go through great lengths to be sure it does not interrupt or confuse our students.  Our classes are decided 2 weeks out and at that point there is no option for a refund, but having this comment in the reminders leading up to the training, it makes it seem to our students that it could be an option.

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@AECOC I am sorry Xavier,

The ability for each GoToWebinar registrant to cancel their registration and unsubscribe from email communications is currently a privacy requirement across the industry.  There are several laws and regulations that require this functionality to prevent abuse, as well as email providers that can completely block communications which continue unabated after a cease and desist request.


** If you are using an integrations partner, or developing email integration yourself using our APIs, then you can create the entire emai template as you see fit. 

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I am running a paid seminar but to my horror, I have found that people can cancel at any time. Isn't this inviting poeple to cancel last minute? How can this be changed to optional. 

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We use a membership management system for our society members.  One capability is for event registration.  If the event is remote, i.e., broadcasted, then through an API, the member is registered in GoToWebinar.  If the member needs to cancel, we want them to use our system not GoToWebinar.  If they cancel in GoToWebinar, the information is lost.

How can we change or eliminate the standard cancellation message at the bottom of the confirmation email?


On investigating this issue I've noted that  it has been tabled as a concern since 2014 and has yet to be addressed.  Can anyone advise on the status of whether it's even being considered?   Or on the reason it's considered a requirement and not being addressed?   


Allowing registrants the ability to cancel and get an automatic refund with no notification to the organizer does not seem to be a best practice in either fiscal or business management, especially if the registrant still has the ability to cancel their registration right up to and including the final session in a multi-session webinar.   Privacy laws should have no impact if they've provided their contact information to register and certainly not a reason to issue automatic refunds. 


Any update or work around would be appreciated.


I came here looking for the same answer because I've run into the same issue with webinars that have a fee and the user expecting that a cancellation will automatically cause a refund to happen and when it doesn't file a dispute with their credit card company causing us to be charged dispute fees. It seems shocking that this has been an issue for over 5 years and has yet to be handled by GoToWebinar. I understand the need for an unsubscribe option for privacy as @AshC mentioned but if that's the reason, then provide an unsubscribe option. In fact, I don't even see how someone Canceling even creates an Unsubscribe request; the unsubscribe request is a separate link called "Stop GoToWebinar emails." At the very least, if someone opts for the cancellation, the Cancellation procedure should inform the user that Cancellation will not create a refund and if they want a refund they should contact the organizer for their options prior to cancelling. It seems like at least that is something that could be updated very quickly. 

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@StanleyC  I'm sorry there isn't an automatic process for this right now.  Until one is in place, event Organizers should create a custom disclaimer on the registration itself indicating the specific refund policy for that webinar.


Support Reference: https://support.goto.com/webinar/help/charge-for-webinars-setup-faqs