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Accessibility Features need to be added to GoToWebinar



I work for a state department where its required that our meetings are made available to the public. It's important that the public has access to our meetings and that they are able to ask questions or provide comments on any topic. This includes those who are seeing impaired, hearing impaired, and for those who dont speak English. 


For the seeing impaired, while GoToMeeting supports Screen Reading software such as NVDA, GoToWebinar does not. Those who use that software are unable to navigate your app.


For the hearing impaired, GoToWebinar does not have closed captioning. Attendees have to use a third party service which are typically unreliable and only add another layer of difficulty which doesnt really enhance their ability to fully participate in meetings.


For those who dont speak english, there is no captioning in their language, also GoToWebinar does not provide the option for a separate channel that interpretation can take place in the same way that Zoom has.


If GoToWebinar could please provide these services, it would allow many underserved individuals access that they havent had before. 

GoTo Manager

Re: Accessibility Features need to be added to GoToWebinar

Hi @Jrhall21, welcome to the community.


 Closed captioning is planned for GoToWebinar although I do not have an ETA currently. GoToWebinar recordings can be transcribed (currently English only) already. Other accessibility features will become available when GoToWebinar moves to the new GoTo App experience sometime in 2023 (like GoToMeeting and GoToTraining now use).


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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