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Adding features that may be helpful


in GoTo Webinar, it would be really beneficial to allow Handouts to be sent out in a similar way as polls. In the current ap. a handout is available as soon as a person logs in. If there is a special or anything free to attendees, they will be able to grab iit as soon as they log in. There is no incentive to stay for the entire program. They can come in, grab the free stuff and leave. If you made handouts like polls, they could be release whenever the organizer wanted to. At the very least make it an option of rleasing as soon as attndees arrive, or at the end.

OR allow for an attachement (like a pdf) to be added to the followup email to attendees (like the videos) without having to host the file and use a URL in the download for them to do on their own.

OR allow for other file formats to be included in Polls. OE allow for files to be attached in Suerveys, since they are sent after the webinar.


The other request I would make is to allow for custom certificates. Current model only allows for application generated certificates. I get the individual name attachemnet, but being able to add something with more flair and style would be nice. You should be able to add pdfs to the certiciate thing much the same as you add videos to the library.


Hope you can make some of these changes for the next release.




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Re: Adding features that may be helpful

Hi @johncapone, welcome to the community.


Please take a moment to review the Community Ideas guidelines and then use our dedicated Community Ideas board to suggest any feature additions or changes. You can also vote and comment on existing ideas that other community members have posted already. 


Glenn is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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Re: Adding features that may be helpful

Thanks Glen

Sorry about the mis-step. Was just following a link provided from a CS agent

Thanks for steering me in the right direction.

Posted same message to Community Ideas.