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Any idea how I can sync the 2 time zones BST and GMT?

I have set up a webinar for the time of 11am GMT, but the registrant is seeing 12pm BST 

In the settings, we can only select GMT not BST but it's BST that goes into the calendar invite

How can I ensure the time shows correctly for the registrant?


GoTo Moderator

Re: Any idea how I can sync the 2 time zones BST and GMT?

Hi @Gayle_Clarke welcome to the GoTo Community. 


The registrant is seeing the BST timezone based on their web browser settings and calendar app settings.


So once you schedule a webinar in your timezone, when the attendee clicks the Registration link and lands on the Registration page, GoTo Webinar will detect which timezone they are in (based on their web browser settings) and automatically adjust the date/time. When they add the session to their Calendar app by downloading the .ICS file their email client will automatically adjust the date/time based on their Calendar app's settings. 


Kate is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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