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Attendee Email Not Sent Although Attendee Report Shows as Attended - Timestamp Issue?

Our webinars include a certificate of attendance for those who attend either the live or recorded session. I've had some attendees not receive the follow-up Email with the certificate due to, so it seems, missing timestamp data in the attendee report. In these instances, attendees will be marked as Yes for their attendance status, but the timestamp details of when they joined the session, when they left, and the total attendance time will be missing altogether. I'm guessing GTW must use this info as logic to send the follow-up Email.


I've tried to gather more details from end users as far as what devices they're using to attend, and the most common devices to not send timestamp data are portable devices from both Apple and Android. In another case, I had a user with a desktop PC that had an Ad Blocker activated that only sent timestamp data after the Ad Blocker was turned off. 


Has anybody else seen this? Aside from the other issues we face with SPAM, bounced Emails and whitelist issues, this is yet one more challenge when it comes to follow-up after events. 

GoTo Moderator

Re: Attendee Email Not Sent Although Attendee Report Shows as Attended - Timestamp Issue?

@ASEWebinars  There was an issue recently resolved last week where certain mobile attendees would not appear on the attendance report.  Please have the affected participants update their mobile GoTo app before joining the next session, and let us know if you see any more problems. 


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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