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New Contributor

Audio not connected issue

Im have issues with the gotowebinar Audio not connecting using windows 10. All other platforms work zoom and teams and gotomeeting.

When i click on start to broadcast on a webinar, a message says connecting to audio is in green and then after a few mins it says no audio in red. Computer audio is selected and i can see the mic working. Its the the speakers is the issue. Tried a test call and no sound can be heard

Also i dont see the mic icon on the toolbar where i use to have it.

Any help is appreciated it please
Chris Droessler
Respected Contributor

Re: Audio not connected issue

Have you rebooted your computer?  I have found that many times the virtual meeting/webinar programs will grab the mic and speakers and not let other programs use them.  I always reboot my computer between using the different kind of meeting programs like the ones you mentioned.