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Better Support for Linux

The GoToTraining "new experience" works as a web app on Linux. Some things (e.g. scheduling training, uploading materials, generating reports) work in Firefox or Chrome, but hosting training only works in Chrome.  However, the annotation tools are not available in the web app version, only the desktop app version, which is not available for Linux.


Also, you cannot present via GoToWebinar at all using Linux.  I am forced to dig up an old Windows laptop just for hosting webinars.


Is there a plan to port the new desktop app over the Linux platform? And what about adding the annotation tools to the GoToTraining web app?


Please provide some guidance for us Linux users out here...

GoTo Moderator

Re: Better Support for Linux

@aguanno  I'm afraid I haven't heard of a desktop version development for Linux yet, though we'll be sure to update the Community should the functionality change. 


Ash is a member of the GoTo Community Care Team.

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